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The LGBTQ+ communities in Uganda are not only facing societal and political challenges, they're also kept from accessing public healthcare: this is why we strive in providing as much medical assistance as we can.

This includes basic drugs supply, as well as preventing STI with education.

It's a hard, yet pivotal and urgent mission. Help us fulfill it.

Emargination and persecution destroy the future of a community.

Our training and upskilling programs are the key to give a real chance for people to change their condition.

With the support we receive, we organize professional classes for hairdressers, beauticians, farmers, cooks, waiters, photographers, writers, artists and more.

Join us in our effort to give back humanship to marginalized people.

If persecuted people can escape the heavy hand of Uganda society, they become homeless refugees.

Our R&R program includes food, shelter and a gradual societal reintegration, where possible, outside the Ugandan territory.

Help us keep the program alive

Death sentences, persecution and basic rights and needs deprivation.

These are the challenges we are fighting against every day. To achieve this, we are building a worldwide community and collecting angels' donations to ultimately change the societal and political status-quo.

We can't expect to achieve this without breaking down the wahle into small pieces: every type of contribution, including professional expertise and consultations is highly welcome.

We also accept donations worldwide via different payment providers, always with secure certifications and active data protection

The right to love comes with the right to live. Whatever is your status, social provenance, or creed, you can restore humanship with a simple donation.
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