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Ugandan and other African communities are being stripped of their humanship.

Walai aims to re-establish what’s obvious: having the right to access food, shelter, welfare and a profession.

Food and Shelter

If not caught, they’re outcast.

Even if some people reach to escape the unjust system that surrounds them, they lose the possibility to have a roof and food to strive and survive.

Although we have attained to make some members of LGBTQ+ communities flee their country, those who couldn’t are in need of immediate assistance.

Training programs

Our efforts are being mostly rewarded by the training and upskilling programs that we’ve put in place.

Thanks to professionals, teachers, and educators of different nationalities, and to worldwide support, we’re supporting individual talents, teaching them to become hairdressers, beauticians, farmers, cooks, waiters, photographers, writers and more.

Furthermore we hold continuous lectures on human rights and economics.

Access to healcare

Uganda and other African countries are negating medical assistance, as well as medical education, to outcast and homosexual people.

Part of our effort is to supply them, at least partially, with the medical assistance they need.

Furthermore, we aim to build facilities far from the hotspots of Uganda and the other African countries that apply these tribal practices.

To date, several African countries have severe suppression practices in place towards LGBTQ+ communities, from life imprisonment to death sentences

We are building shelters, medical facilities and establishing professional training programs for refugees who are escaping this cruel fate.


We are a non-profit organisation that helps LGBTQ+ communities with what they’ve been stripped of: survival, freedom, and basic human rights.

Since 2019, we are doing our best to give people back their humanship, other than their future.


Recent practices and laws are so inhumane that they look like fiction.

We wish they were.

Recent practices and laws are so inhumane that they look like fiction.

We wish they were.


The right to love comes with the right to live. Whatever is your status, social provenance, or creed, you can restore humanship with a simple donation.
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