What is our mission?
What is our vision?
What is our GOAL?


Our mission is to enhance access to health care services for the marginalized as well as empowering them economically and creating human rights awareness among the LGBTIQ+ persons. 
Our vision is to see a world where there is enjoyment of rights, a stigma free society and equal opportunities in all aspects of life. 
GOAL The goal of Wave of Legacy Alliance Initiative is to contribute in improving the living standards of the marginalized persons in Uganda through community mobilization, capacity building, and advocacy among others. 

Pastor Ram Gava

We want to help and create a better world


Pastor Ram Gava

i) To promote sexual reproductive health rights and services for marginalized groups and youths in Uganda. 

ii) To promote access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services for marginalized groups and youth in Uganda. 

iii) To advance capacity building, mentorship and social empowerment programs for marginalized groups and youths in Uganda.

iv) To transform the livelihood of the LGBTIQ+ youth in Uganda by economically empowering them through skills training. 

v) To find and create equal education opportunities for the LGBTQI+ YOUTH in Uganda through identifying education opportunities both locally and internationally.

vi) To advocate and lobby on national, Regional and International levels for the behavior change of the youth, marginalized groups through making them aware about the dangers of the Use of drugs

vii) To explore opportunities that will be beneficial or improve the standards of living of the LGBTIQ+ Youth in Uganda. 

viii) To protect the LGBTIQ+ youth in Uganda from the hostile society and provide a safe shelter for them and make sure they are provided with food.

Among our areas of focus 

Basic needs :

 Access to Healthcare  Economic empowerment  Human rights awareness  Safe shelter for homeless LGBTIQ+ persons  Psychosocial support  Promoting talents of LGBTIQ+ individual







Let's start building together

WaLAI follows a participatory approach in every sphere of its work. The knowledge of marginalized persons in valued and respected, and there is confidence that LGBTIQ persons are capable. On a practical level, the fundamental thrust of this approach is empowerment.

For the community to be able to work for its own development there is a need for full involvement at all stages of activities. The participation of LGBTIQ persons in identification, planning, management, implementation and evaluation of projects is a key factor in Wave of Legacy Alliance Initiative work. Internally, a participatory approach is adopted in managing affairs of Wave of Legacy Alliance Initiative. 

Externally, WaLAI’s role as a “change agent” helps to develop LGBTIQ community management structures that are capable of managing their own development. This increases the ability of the LGBTIQ community to demand for accountability in all their affairs, from leaders and officials.

Human resource development has been key in our work. This means ensuring that the LGBTIQ community members are trained and skilled, as well as organized, to maximize potential of LGBTIQ community to take hold of its own development.

WaLAI strongly believes in maximizing its impact by transferring field experiences into knowledge to influence the development of policies and practices. This is important for working towards the long term goal.